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High Precision Steel CNC Machining


Material Detail:

12L14,4140,1018,1045;4130,4142,01 tool steel 02 tool steel,A36 1008,Alloy42

Surface Finish:

Stainless CNC Machining Part

Product Details


Our factory is mainly providing CNC Lathe/CNC Milling Service/

CNC Turning Service on OEM/ODM base. 

So our above price is only for your reference. We can quote the correct price for your 

metal parts after receiving from you:

1. 3D file for your metal parts; 2. Material you require; 3. Surface treatment requirement

Aluminum Cnc Machining

Product Pictures Show:

High Precision Steel CNC Machining

High Precision Steel CNC Machining

Any Color is Available.

Aluminum Cnc Machining

3 Outstanding Advantages:

1) We have 17 years experience OEM/ODM metal parts Fabrication service experience. 

And we are the most professional Manufacturer for CNC lathe, CNC machining.

2) Our factory has our own CNC machining workshop (with 80sets machining machines); 

High speed 3 workbench CNC machining workshop ( with 30sets machining machines, 

each machine with 3 workbench, and each workbench can work 60000 times per minute, so each 

machine can work 180000 times per minute with highest effiency to do somebig orders); 

CNC lathe workshop (with more than 60 sets machines);

3) We have special workshop to install crystals to jewelry and watches by CNC process for 

many years and our factory is the manufacturer for some famous brands of Jewelry and watches.. 

The precision tolerance can reach 0.005mm

Aluminum Cnc Machining

Total we have 80sets machining machines from 3axis to 5axis

Aluminum Cnc Machining

Total 30 sets high speed CNC machining machines with 180000times per minute high effiency.

Aluminum Cnc Machining

We have 60sets CNC Lathe Machines

Quality Control:

Aluminum Cnc Machining

Have seperate workshop for installing the crystal to Jewlry and watches; 

Other Relative Products Made:

Aluminum Cnc Machining

Support Variety of Surface Finish for Different Metal CNC Machining Parts:

Stainless Parts Cnc Machining Surface Finish:

Aluminum Cnc Machining

Aluminum CNC Machining Parts Surface Finish:

Aluminum Cnc Machining

Brass Metal Parts Surface Finish:

Aluminum Cnc Machining

Package Way:

Inner packing: 

we usually use EPE or polyfoam to pack, just as the picture below. In our packing, the products are 100% protected

Inside the box: 

We will put the detailed packing list inside the carton, so that buyer know the details of each carton

Outside packing: 

Shipping box. we will use balor to make handle, so that convenient to carry during load or download the goods

Aluminum Cnc Machining

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